Jaycee’s introduction to House music happened back in 1994. Through partying at clubs, afterhours, raves, and underground events. In 1995, he decided to become a DJ. He practiced on a pair of Technics 1200’s and a mixer and the few vinyls he had, all the while buying vinyls to add to his collection. He first started out spinning breakbeats back in the mid 90’s, and in 2000, through changes in his musical tastes, began spinning House music. With changes and additions in equipment over the years, from vinyls to mp3’s, analog to digital, his love for House Music goes on. His style can be said to be smooth, clean mixing of one or several styles in any particular set. DJ Jaycee contact info: Email: jaycee@deejayjaycee.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/deejay.jaycee1 Twitter: http://twitter.com/DJJaycee70 Podomatic: http://deejayjaycee.podomatic.com/