Our History

Right, We Have Homeworks To Do!

Two Italian guys, Gigi & Guido who are very similar in their music taste, had both their live shows on a web radio ended abruptly.

We’ve got to have our own web radio!” was the only natural come back from the guys.

In no time, the two started the brainstorming sessions and scoping studies.

Devoting their time and endless efforts, a blueprint began to come together and now it finally has a tangible entity and name…HOUSESTATIONRADIO.COM.

You – is the radio’s focus and it’s all about you!

Without you HOUSESTATIONRADIO.COM has no meaning and reason to exist.

Having the correct chemistry and providing a consistant and dependable programming to you, who have the time and patient to visit & tune in to the radio are imperative.
Work In Progress – so many ideas, and all are facing to one direction. A continuous improvement approach is the key to success, coupled with the will to do better and above all listening to your opinions, suggestions and your constructive criticisms, HOUSESTATIONRADIO will continue to grow and become # 1 web radio and online portal in the world.