Gigi Frassanito

Gigi Frassanito grew up in the ITALY to the sounds of the new romantic and acid house scene of the 80s and as a teenager spent his time at raves and first love of the beat began. His DJ career started at the very start of the 90s being influenced by Dj friends already established in the free party scene that were breaking new ground in the South of ITALY at that time. VERTIGO CLUB,MIRAGE,COMEDIA,DANDY,FINIS TERRAE,TRIBECA,CIAK,QUARTIERE LATINO and too many free partys in the South of italy, fields, warehouses and god knows where to even remember saw him cut his teeth behind the decs.

His musical journey then saw him called to the ski resorts of Salento in the winter and while spending a lot of trips across the water to Ibiza for Summer. Andorra was the start of what would turn out to be a 12 year residency in AREA 51, the biggest club in Lecce, with the chance to play alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. All this helping to give a broad base of musical experience and create an entrance into music culture that would finally form a life long journey.