Pass Da House Sessions

TUE 23.00
Program Description

Billy Dakid Perdomo presents “Pass da House” Sessions a weekly show here on HSR for nearly 4 years now, it was on the original roster of shows since October 2012. Billy Dakid brings you Pass da House “Live” from Queens New York never a recorded set always live, direct, fresh and with lots of improvisation as to keep the show unpredictable. Billy plays a range of house that falls into Soulful , Deep, Afro & classic house but the main ingredient is soul, every track has to have soul, emotion, melodies and color. Joey Negro said it once; “a good dj has to always play some new stuff not the same old stuff every one else is playing” Most of Billy’s Pass da House shows are made up of 80% new music each week the rest is rare gems that Billy digs for either at record shops or finds on line when he digs for hidden treasures or in his 20,0000 track Digital library , months can go by with out Billy repeating a tune but it’s not just about the quantity or the newness of the music but the quality , top notch productions and amazing Vocals that will surely make the most demanding ears dance. Pass da House is a show that will make you feel sexy and touch your soul. Intended for the mature in taste. When you tune into Pass da House you you are sure to get a handcrafted set by a veteran on the decks. The mixes are a whole science to Billy, yes it’s all about the mixes which creates a journey like experience for the listeners. Pass da house sessions usually last 3 hours and more never less and it will feel like 1 hour because it’s so fun and sensual. With a pair of Pioneer cdj’s , a Urei Original 1620 and Pioneer EFX-500 is all the set of tools needed for an explosive and sexy and memorable musical experience. You’re gonna love to Pass da house!


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