Billy Perdomo

Started out DJaying as a kid at the age of 15; hence the name Billy da Kid, Born in Colombia & grew up in the 8o’s in New York. Got the opportunity to experience the birth of B boy culture, then flourished in a life of music and style. A true pioneer of what is today House Music. Built a rep as the spanish Kid who “plays THAT BLACK music”. From Woodside and Sunnyside to Carnise and Coney Island serving as stomping grounds; I was one of the few playing records from Chicago Traxx in Queens for years.Taking pride in a skill that most of us Real D.J’s call a “CRAFT” was able to perform mixes and blends at a level of proffessionalism that would be the equivalent of “live Remixing today” considered a nerd by many and an innovative music lover & fiend by the rest.Made a mark in Brooklyn College as the only D.J that could play for all the ethnic groups(latin ,caribbean and jewish) w’ out missing a beat and keeping them coming 4 more.Was part of the 91.5 allstars radio show hosted by Tony Tunes receiving accollades from such producers as K. C Flifght and Chub Rock,then got into production .House music in the early 90’s was the Lone Star Element moniker placing DogHouse records in the top of the underground charts,followed by People Of Today,and The 440 Selection. Then in the mid 90’s inspired by such producers as Mobb Deep’s Havoc and D.r Dre, took a shot at Hip-hop as a coworker challenged me to his regret ! with a natural nack for creating cinematic music flow Found a new love and apreciation for a different street music genre which had been in fact my this time creating hip hop was an outlet which helped me express musically what i had been craving to express visually in film. Experiencing life to the fullest with all the struggles and glories that came with raising a family was the perfect setting to creating gritty music with extreme passion. This was the beginning of an endless affair between Billy da Kid and the street. House music stands alone as my only passion at the moment the many organic styles call my name to fuse them seamless together .